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When asked what is the one thing I enjoy the most about going on a winter holiday in the French Alps, I face a dilemma. Is it seeing my family, going skiing or is it the cheese?! Well, whilst I could pass on skiing for a few days, I could certainly not avoid my family nor the cheese. The question gets even harder when choosing what cheese dish I enjoy eating the most: Tartiflette or Fondue? That, I can’t answer. But, what I do know is that I can now satisfy my cravings for both dishes right here in London at Patron Restaurant.

Even better, Patron just launched something unheard of before, an out of this world Tartineflette; a Tartine  (slice of bread / toast) topped with Tartiflette, or what we could call in English a Tartiflette toastie.

Big fan of carbs on carbs and melted cheese be ready for your best 2018 culinary experience!

This potato gratin made with creamy onions and lardons on which we melt Reblochon, a cheese from Savoy in Aravis and Val d’Arly is a symbol of conviviality, authenticity and of a mountainous terroir. Surprisingly enough, it is not a traditional peasant dish. It was born in Haute Savoy in the 80s after a glorious marketing ploy dreamed up by the Reblochon producers syndicat (yes, Le Syndicat interprofessionnel du reblochon exists and is a serious business) to sell more cheese.

Tartiflette is now a classic with its own Label Rouge – if the dish is cooked in a traditional oven, the recipe is made of 20% of Reblochon de Savoie AOP and that no other cheeses are used – and has many savorous variations. Some pre-cook the potatoes, leave the skin on, add wine, use cream and others don’t. What’s certain is that this dish is the best winter warmer there is and it is a must after a long day of skiing or a very cold day.

Tartineflette, is Patron’s take on the classic recipe and is highly recommended when ordering our new bottomless brunch. In fact, to drink as much prosecco or bloody mary as you want for 1h30 it is best to order an earthy dish to not let the bubbles go to your head!

If your mouth is watering looking at our Tartineflette and your wallet is saying no to a trip to Savoy, you know what to do: book your brunch table today using our online form.