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Who cares if it’s freezing outside! IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! Unfreeze your fingertips with a glass of mulled wine and cope with the cold by sharing some heart warming moments with your beloved friends and family.

The most magical Christmases happen under the snow next to a crackling fire place with lots of candles and lights everywhere. Trust me, I spent two years wearing a Santa hat in the sunny beaches of Australia and whilst it’s nice to get a tan I would have rather skied. SO YES, A COLD WINTER IS PART OF LES JOIES DE NOËL – the joys of Christmas.

However, wherever you are, there are 3 essential components to make the most of the cosiest month of the year: delicious food & wines, a festive atmosphere and of course amazing gifts.



First and foremost, food and wines are a crucial Christmas staple. On our previous blog – Noël is only in two months and a question remain: what to eat? – we gave you several options on what to eat at both Patron’s venues. Savouring our classic dishes like our Duck Confit and its gratin dauphinois, our boutique cheese Fondue or even sharing a traditional French Noël are all tasty options.

But what about the wine! Well if there is one good time to pop open a delicious vintage it’s Christmas. After all, sharing is caring and there is no better way to show your love to your guests than opening your cellar most exquisite bottles.

Start your dinner with a magnificent bottle of Champagne, sip on your best Burgundy and Bordeaux wines with your mains and finish off your meal with a dessert wine. There is no such thing as too much wine on Christmas. Dinners last for hours and there is plenty of food to eat.

Check out our wine library for some wine inspiration and read on to discover how you can save 10%OFF all our bottles.



Gifts, if not the food & wine, are probably the most exciting part of Christmas. That said, if you receive socks in your stockings fillers the likelihood of you having having to put on a fake smile is grand. There are so many amazing presents ideas out there and two of them are … food and wine!

Offering some exquisite nibbles or a fine vintage is THE certainty to make someone happy. Luckily for all the foodies out there, we are organising an authentic little Marché de Noël at our Bar à Vin on Saturday 16th December from 12pm to 6pm.

This is your opportunity to buy the perfect gifts at a very special price – we are giving you a 10%OFF all our take away produces – whilst drinking a glass of FREE MULLED WINE! For the occasion we invited some of our most brilliant independent producers for you to shop new exquisite Christmas products.

More information and to RSVP to this event click here.



Last but not least, there is no real Christmas without a magical atmosphere. Experiencing tasteful dishes and opening presents is not the same without decorations, dazzling lights everywhere and Christmas songs – I don’t think I ever spent a Christmas without listening to some Frank Sinatra. IT IS A MUST!

Some might argue that there is no such thing as too many decorations but at Patron we adore simplicity so we opted for a white Christmas and created a magical forest sprinkled with snow.

If you are looking for the perfect atmosphere for your Christmas lunch or dinner, come and join us. Email bookings@patronlondon.com for your dinner parties and contact romain@patronlondon.com to book your Christmas lunches (see our Christmas menu here)


VOILA, you are now ready to spend the most magical Noël there is and to enjoy les joies de Noël to the fullest!