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In an effort to phase plastic straw out of the capital by the end of 2018, the London Evening Standard (ES) is calling on the support of all food and drink businesses across London.

Patron is pleased to announce that we just gave our pledge to ES’s The Last Straw campaign!

Like many, we too have seen the absolutely awful video (see below) of the Sea turtle with a straw in its nostril so, when we heard that London is the plastic straw capital of Europe, we just couldn’t bare it no more!

Key facts form ES:

1) London alone uses 2 billion straws every year which is as many as in the whole Italy
2) They are used for 20min on average but take up to 500 years to break down
3) The UK uses 1,000 tonnes of plastic straw per year which is the equivalent to three fully laden jumbo jets
4) Only a tiny fraction of plastic straws are being recycled due to their small size and the rest ends up in landfilled or in the sea where they are the fifth most common item of rubbish
5) The UK is easily the biggest user of plastic straws in Europe, with an estimated 8.5 billion thrown away each year, according to a study by Eunomia Research & Consulting. This compares with 4.8 billion in Germany, 3.2 billion in France, 2 billion in Italy and 1.1 billion in Denmark.


Therefore, as of today, Patron Cave à Manger will no longer use plastic straws. Full stop.

We might consider using eco-alternative straws such as paper, corn syrup, or bamboo ones if needs be but we truly believe that our Aperol Spritz or our Bloody Mary do not need any straw to be drunk. They are even more beautiful straw-less!

If you want to support The Last Straw Campaign too, we invite you to pledge your support here, it takes less than a minute.