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Rabbit meat is one the most nutritious there is and yet many of us feel reluctant to eat it. Of course Bugs Bunny and Peter Cottontail are really cute; yes we might have had a fluffy cuddly rabbit pet once BUT isn’t it time for us to change our mindset? My grandfather was breeding rabbits and when  I was a child I got into fights with my dad because he was hunting cute little bunnies; however, growing up I learnt how to love rabbit a different way, now I prefer them on my plate with a delicious creamy sauce!

In this blog, we will explain to you why you should too be eating rabbit meat instead of a chocolate one:


Rabbit is one of the best white meats available.

It has less fat, cholesterol, sodium and is leaner than chicken, veal or turkey which means it can be eaten by heart patients too. It has half the calories per pound compared to beef and pork and it is the most easily digestible protein around. If we were to change our mind sets, rabbit could easily become the new super food everyone wants to eat!

Learn more about the nutritious benefits of eating rabbits here and here.



Unlike cows or pigs, rabbits are abundant, ubiquitous, mature fast, reproduce quickly and can be easily bred without hormones or antibiotics.

They don’t eat what we eat making it a non-competitive species with humans.

The ratio of meat to bone of a rabbit is high – even higher than chicken – which means there is more edible meat on the carcass. Moreover, on the same feed and water rabbits can produce 6 pounds of meat compared to one pound for a cow.

More meat quicker, with less harm for the environment and your health, aren’t rabbits the best?!


OK when speaking about food the most important element is obviously the taste. Unlike many beliefs, rabbits do not have a strong flavour. Some compare it to chicken or veal but true foodies will disagree. Rabbit has its own distinctive, subtle and delicate flavour.

There are countless tasty recipes and at Patron – we don’t care about calories – we like our rabbit flambé with cognac and served in a deliciously rich creamy sauce with lots of French baguette.

Just in time for Easter, change your mind set, try our yummy Lapin Flambé au Cognac and become the rabbit meat lover we should all be.

Convinced? Book your table today here to try our succulent Lapin flambé au cognac.