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Still single? Don’t mess up your first date, there is no second chance to make a first impression so nail it by choosing the perfect location!
To take her / his breath away without over doing it is not an easy task. There is a fine line between a great date and a big fail. Things can go wrong a lot quicker than we think when choosing a place badly.

Luckily we are here to help you out and without any further due, discover Patron’s top tips for a perfect first date:

Take your date somewhere atmospheric!

The place you choose should be chic and elegant without the white table cloth and silver service. You want to impress her / him but this isn’t your 10th anniversary and you don’t want to be facing a cold formal waiter; you want to relax and have fun.

Choose a place with an authentic romantic feel that is candle lite (harsh lighting are not known to be the most flattering light) with soft Jazz music on the background (avoid romantic music as they can quickly become corny and too sweet).

Take your date somewhere like Patron and transport her / him to Parisian hidden gem.

A proper dinner date or something more casual? 

Your tinder date’s pictures and captions might have caught your eyes at first glance and therefore you might think that you are all set for a fun date but are you 100% sure she / he is the real deal? Do you want to take the risk to order a three course meal without being able to escape if she / he happens to be a boring snooze?

Everyone is different but life thought me not to ever take this risk again or at least not before having a glass of wine first.

Patron Bar à Vin is the perfect alternative to a proper dinner date. Here, you can start with a glass of wine and have some nibble to gauge if your date is going anywhere. With the increasing use of online dating and so blind dates, think smart and choose wisely!

At first, don’t eat too much

You might have a big or even a huge appetite but do you need to share that with her / him on your first date by eating a dozen BBQ chicken wings barehanded? Think twice. Don’t eat too much and choose a place serving refined dishes.

One can’t go wrong with delicious French food so your focus should be in finding the best French bistro in town – you know where to look for it 😉

Order a few small plates to start, request some more if you need and if the date goes well and needs be, ask her / him  if she / he want to go to a restaurant after.

Patron Bar à Vin is the perfect place for this! Our menu consist of an exquisite selection of small cold and hot French tapas as well as some charcuterie and cheese that would delight anyone (even if she / he happens to be vegetarian or gluten intolerant). We now also have a miniature version of a main we serve at the Patron Restaurant – currently our succulent Pork Belly & rosted sweet potatoes – but in case you are still hungry or/and are craving our duck confit with truffle fries; worry not our Restaurant is a minute away and we will push walls to accommodate you!

Sharing is sexy 

We would go beyond the expression “sharing is caring” by saying “sharing is sexy’! Unless of course one of you eat everything before the other one has a chance to even have a nibble. By ordering small plates not only can you engage in a gastronomic conversation to decide whether comté or truffle pecorino is the best cheese there is; you can also show your date that your are open to share much more that just your food.

Choose a place with delicious wines

Last but not least, pick a location serving amazing wines! Think about it, wine are part of all good moments in life so you don’t want to remember your first date as being the day you tasted the most acidic, liver damaging & lip colouring wine you ever tried.

You want to choose a place that serve excellent and yet affordable wine as well as exquisite fine wines by the glass. At Patron Bar à Vin you have the guaranty that whichever wine you choose form our house wines to our outstanding Enomatic wines your dates’ taste buds will love you at first sip.


Now that you know what to do, go online dating and bring your future potential partner to Patron Bar à Vin, we adore love stories! Can’t take your first date to Patron as she / he lives in South-London, don’t meet her / him! Just kidding, those rules still applies to you and we trust you will find somewhere equally perfect.


Blog picture by Ian Jones