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We bring a slice of Paris to our Kentish Town Neighbourhood. We are a Cave à Manger serving fine wines & boutique cocktails along with authentic French specialties and tasty local food.

Wine Tasting: 7 Tips from The Experts You Need to Know

10 May 2018

Wine tasting is a delightful journey that can take you around the globe experiencing the wonderful varieties of wines and their links to their natural and cultural heritage. That said, the ability to acquire the ‘knowledge’ of what to look... continue reading

A brief history of Jazz illustrated with quotes - International Jazz Day special!

26 April 2018

Since its inception Jazz music unites people in all corner of the globe. With International Jazz Day – on Monday 30th April – UNESCO is highlight our favourite music genre’s important diplomatic role. Ahead of our special event (more info here... continue reading

Choose the right place for your first date: Patron Bar à Vin ❤️

13 April 2018

Still single? Don’t mess up your first date, there is no second chance to make a first impression so nail it by choosing the perfect location! To take her / his breath away without over doing it is not an... continue reading

Why the Easter Bunny is better when he is cooked!

20 March 2018

Rabbit meat is one the most nutritious there is and yet many of us feel reluctant to eat it. Of course Bugs Bunny and Peter Cottontail are really cute; yes we might have had a fluffy cuddly rabbit pet once... continue reading

We gave our pledge to The Last Straw campaign!

01 March 2018

In an effort to phase plastic straw out of the capital by the end of 2018, the London Evening Standard (ES) is calling on the support of all food and drink businesses across London. Patron is pleased to announce that... continue reading

A Tartiflette on toast for brunch!!!

15 February 2018

When asked what is the one thing I enjoy the most about going on a winter holiday in the French Alps, I face a dilemma. Is it seeing my family, going skiing or is it the cheese?! Well, whilst I... continue reading

Patron Bar à Vin's new French Tapas Menu, Wine Delivery & Soft Launch Offer!

10 January 2018

Patron Wine Shop & Deli Bar has become Patron Bar à Vin. To fully embrace the concept of a Cave à Manger we are now serving a deliciously crafted French tapas menu: a selection of savorous hot and cold plates! THIS... continue reading

Les joies de Noël

07 December 2017

Who cares if it’s freezing outside! IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! Unfreeze your fingertips with a glass of mulled wine and cope with the cold by sharing some heart warming moments with your beloved friends and family. The most magical Christmases happen under... continue reading