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We bring a slice of Paris to our Kentish Town Neighbourhood. We are a Cave à Manger serving fine wines & boutique cocktails along with authentic French specialties and tasty local food.

Famous Champagne Quotes

31 July 2017

What does Napoleon Bonaparte, Coco Chanel and John Maynard Keynes have in common? They love Champagne and they are not afraid to say it. Some of the world’s most famous personalities made inspiring comments about their delicious little bubbles. Those... continue reading

Getting around the Champagne region

24 July 2017

Any bubbly lover should at least once in there lifetime visit the wonderful Champagne region to taste the most delicious bubbles mankind ever created. Located about an hour away from Paris by train, Reims and Epernay are home to the... continue reading

Champagne coupes & bosoms

14 July 2017

There is a certain sexiness associated to Champagne and we are not referring – this time – to the untold moments happening behind closed doors but to our good old fashioned Champagne coupes. This elegant glass is often thought to... continue reading

A brief history of Champagne

06 July 2017

Champagne is a drink of celebration, of happiness and sometimes of extravagance. It has toasted billions of  special celebration and attended the most untold moments shared by two people. Its meaning and appeal are universal and champagne is the little luxury we like to sip... continue reading

NW5 Fête de la musique on Fortess Walk!

24 June 2017

Our blog got quiet for a month to bring you a Fête de la Musique that you won’t forget! In fact, if you remember last year’s Fête de la Musique at Patron Restaurant you will truly be amazed with this year celebration. Not only we... continue reading

Top 3 things to do in Cannes!

23 May 2017

As the film festival is taking place, Cannes’ street are at their fullest, it is near impossible to find an hotel room nor a camping space and yet it is the best time to visit this wonderful coastal city if you want... continue reading

A brief history of the Cannes Film Festival

11 May 2017

In less than a week, the most glamorous and talented people of the global film industry will walk on France’s – if not the world’s – most broadcasted red carpet with one thing in mind: winning the highly honorific Palm d’Or. We know the Cannes... continue reading

Book Patron's pop up cinema at The Rose & Crown NW5!

04 May 2017

Celebrate le Festival de Cannes with Patron’s pop-up cinema at the Rose & Crown! To mark the opening of the Festival de Cannes’ 70th edition, Patron Cave à Manger is rolling out the red carpet to invite you to an... continue reading